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Written by Rosemarie Smith

And Molly II

© Rosemarie Smith 2011


This Book is one of the best books I have ever read, although very powerful it gives a clear account of how child abuse can effect the life of the child, therefor putting out a clear message to parents/carers what signs to look for if a child is being abused. I think everyone who works and lives around children would benefit by reading this book. I'm a tough bloke at heart but I cried all the way through it. My heart goes out to the author, credit due to her.

Mr. P. Senior


This book has been written by someone who actually lived through serious abuse in England in the late 1960's and 70's it still goes on - look at this year Baby P and others. Social workers, carers those who are managing children's homes should read this book. I am a year older than the author, also suffered abuse and the consequences of it - the stigma of having a certain surname. Support the abused child read books like this to become really informed and when you suspect a child may be being abused report it, better to be safe than sorry. The NSPCC have child line read their site see how many calls they get from the abused each year. Well done Rosemarie look forward to Molly part 2.