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Written by Rosemarie Smith

And Molly II

About the author - Rosemarie Smith

Born in Chesterfield in 1958, Rosemarie lived with her parents and nine other siblings in a small council house at Eckington, Derbyshire.

Following the break up of her parents, she and her siblings were abandoned and left to cope on their own.

Suffering from both physical and severe sexual abuse, at the age of nine she was placed into the care of The Social Services.

For five years she was moved from one children's home to another, eventually returning to live with her mother, which had disastrous results.

After suffering a break down she was advised by her counsellor to write a therapeutic journal which resulted in her writing the true story of 'Little Molly'.


Me at Roys

Mrs Arnfield & me June 2007

My escape to freedom

Mrs Woodward’s calling card (FRONT)

Mrs Woodward’s calling card (BACK)

My baptism certificate

My mum

My home

My old class room (2nd june 2007)

Rosemarie age 6yr

Rosemarie age 10yr

Rosemarie age 17yr

Rosemarie age 20yr

Rosemarie age 22yr

Rosemarie at waterfall

(Monsal Dale)

Rosemarie sat at waterfall

(Monsal Dale)

The Dales

The Outrake (dining room and dorm window)

The Outrake 2nd june 2007

The Outrake (main entrance)

The Outrake (staff and visitors entrance.)

The Outrake (the old blue gates)

The outrake (the old grey wall)

The Outrake Little girls dorm (top right window))

The Outrake My bedroom window

The Outrake (childrens entrance)

The River Monsal (Monsal dale)

The Viaduct at Monsal Dale

View of the Dales

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