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Written by Rosemarie Smith

And Molly II

© Rosemarie Smith 2011

About the book - Little Molly


When I first started writing the true story of ' Little Molly' my most conscious thought was to protect the reader from any unnecessary trauma. Then I realised that after all this time I was still trying to protect others from the shame and embarrassment I myself felt as a result of the gross invasion I encountered as a little girl, and that wasn't the purpose of writing it.


Little Molly is a true, heart rendering story of a little girl who suffered unimaginable abuse. It has been described as being both a graphic and moving story; not for the faint hearted. I felt my story needed to be told simply to give hope to all those who have been abused and not yet been able to tell their own story.


About the book - Molly II


This is the continuation of my story ‘Little Molly’

It is a true story of betrayal, heartbreak
and misrepresentation.




How am I supposed to write when my educational skills are so limited? I first asked myself this question when my counsellor, Clive Powell, challenged me into writing my first book ‘Little Molly’. Now I want to go on and write about all the people who have had a significant effect on my life, it seems even more difficult. I know the kind of things I want to say about the people I have met, but there before my eyes appears that same blank screen that has haunted me all of my life. I suppose in a way the kind of life that I have had makes writing about it a little more difficult, yet I hear a voice inside my head that cries out for me to do it, so I know the right words will come to mind eventually.


When I first started writing, it never occurred to me that I would have so much to write about. Although as a child I had always been made aware that I was somewhat different to other children, I never realised just how different until the day I met my counsellor Clive Powell.

Once I began to trust and open up to him, it was like unlocking Pandora’s Box; there was so much to unleash that I never expected to finish my story and the truth is… I haven’t. In my subsequent book, ‘Molly III’ (The Untold Story), I continue the sad story of ‘Little Molly’ the little girl who never experienced a normal childhood but was thrust into a life of sexual abuse and neglect well before she went to primary school.


In ‘Molly II’ (am I, who I, should be?) I have tried to give the reader some insight to the aftermath that occurred following child abuse. It is a true account of my failed relationships, abduction and attempted murder. I have written both ‘Little Molly’ and ‘Molly II’ (am I, who I, should be?) on memory only.



As a mature woman, I am now old enough to understand that no-one’s life is perfect. Everyone has their ups and downs and I, for one, have learned to accept the rough deals with the smooth. I understand more about my parents’ lives and how difficult it was for them to care for us as children; after all, looking after ten children could not have been easy.

Although I will never be able to forget what happened to me and my siblings, I no longer despise my parents for it as I realise that in many ways they tried to make amends.

The memories that my children hold of my parents is quite special and I suppose it wouldn’t be unfair to say that they made far better grandparents than they did parents, and because of that they earned my children’s love and respect. I cannot deny that my own love for my mother never really returned to me until I became an adult, when I found it somewhat difficult to show how much I really cared for her. But despite her past failings,

I loved her with all my heart.

My brother, John, is still in self-denial and still blames everyone but himself for the damage that he has caused me. He still finds ways to taunt me and has a tendency to manipulate the foolish into doing what he enjoys doing best… putting fear into innocent people!